The organic bakery

Fjällbergets Bageri & Delikatesser AB is Sweden’s first fully organic crispbread bakery.  Nestled in the scenic hills and lakes northwest of Stockholm, we bake organic crispbreads with local organic grains, seeds, herbs and spices and pure Swedish mountain water.

Vilmas was founded in 2001 in Stockholm.  For several years we sold hand-made artisan breads to a handful of selected stores and restaurants in Stockholm.  It was obvious to us that great bread is baked by hand and only with natural ingredients, without any additives. Within a couple of years we were making deliveries to 50 stores in the Stockholm region.

In 2004 we also started to sell knäckebröd (traditional Swedish crispy bread). Our first types of knäckebröd where rye, sesame and rosemary, where cut into large pieces and packed in simple brown bags.  We were amazed at the response it received, both from press and consumers!  We received more and more orders of just knäckebröd from customers further and further away and started to pack it in boxes for better protection.

The last few years we have immersed ourselves in quality control and environmental issues; everything from choosing the best suppliers of organic spices to environmentally friendly packaging.  All our products are now certified organic.

For year’s we’ve received more requests than we could fulfill, so in 2010 we opened a new bakery in the foothills of Fjällberget mountain overlooking the lakes of Hofors, about 220km northwest of Stockholm.  Our new home!

Today we are 25 people and our knäckebröd is sold as far away as Harrods in London and Globus in Switzerland. All of our products are baked in small batches with organic wholegrain flour and crushed rye. The result is crispy bread, rich in fibre, good and sustainable for both your body and the environment. Our bread will never be exactly the same between batches since organic products vary with the seasons and weather. We believe this is part of living in harmony with nature.

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